The power of an Instagram post

I hate Instagram... I used to hate Instagram. But, as a content creator and photographer I have to go where the audience is. Has anyone been on Flickr lately? It's a dead zone. I picked up my IG habit reluctantly and it pains me to say that it has grown on me.

Use cases for various social media channels vary widely from person to person. No news there. For me I follow fellow aviation geeks, plane spotters and brands (airports, airlines, trade groups) that fit into a very tight niche.  One account I follow, Mitchell Airport doesn't quite have it down pat just yet. But the fact that they are there and are occasionally posting content is  commendable.

I follow the airport on all of the various SM channels but like anyone else, I don't see all of the content posted in each venue. ALSO SEE: Why cross-channel posting is key.

On a recent Friday night I was catching up on my Instagram timeline and discovered the following post from the airport advertising not only a new route, but one with OneJet, an airline I'd never heard of. I was intrigued. This single post was the catalyst for what turned out to be an incredible trip.

Armed with knowledge of a new airline and new route between two of my favorite airports I soon found myself booking travel and recruiting fellow travel blogger Dan Palen for the trip. The next week we were off to Milwaukee to catch the Inaugural flight to Pittsburgh aboard a Hawker 400 corporate aircraft. 

I wrote about the airline and the flight on AirlineReporter and Dan wrote about it for UPGRD

I spend enough time around PR flack to know that every now and then their leadership question the utility of social media, especially the newer channels.

Let this post be proof that Instagram is a valid marketing and PR tool. I had never heard of OneJet and given that no one else in my world was talking about them I'm certain that had the airport not pushed the post to Instagram Dan and I would have missed out.

Mission accomplished:
Mitchell airport had two extra deplanements to pad their FAA numbers, the city two overnight visitors (tourists) adding to the local economy and most importantly the stories resulting from our experiences reached thousands of readers through our respective publications benefiting the airport and the airline. 

Not every SM post will have an impact. But this one did, and it proves the point that maintaining a presence across a number of channels is important.