New platform. New beginning. Growth.

I'm pleased to announce that around 2 AM today, JLsBlog was successfully migrated, configured and re-hosted from Posterous over to the SquareSpace managed blogging platform. This migration opens new doors in terms of functionality and opportunity for growth. I look forward to finding my place in the aviation blogging community, with focus on aviation, plane spotting and travel experiences from the perspective of a proud mid-westerner.

The migration to a more capable and scalable platform was long overdue, so the announcement from Posterous that their service will be sunset 4/30 was bittersweet. Posterous, which was acquired by Twitter and will now die at their hands was an excellent, free service, it will be missed. 

With the new service comes cost, and with cost comes an incentive to make sure my money is well spent. This is perhaps the biggest reason why my Posterous blog was rarely updated. While I have a lot to say and share, the presence didn't cost anything, so other things took a higher priority. My intent isn't to make money, but to share my love of all things aviation. Now that I'm on the hook for service fees it's important that I'm getting value for my investment and that I suspect will be a catalyst for great things.

I have a number of posts planned for the near and medium-term future. I look forward to sharing my experiences, insights, images, tips and reviews and hope you find them interesting, inspiring, and insightful.